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Reveille speaks out about SPS land purchases


It’s one of the reasons, probably the main reason. Not sure why they didn’t look ahead a little before buying up all this property, but leadership appears to be lacking for this administration and school board. Letters to the editor are starting to flow in. I wonder how much land the school system owned before the Kicker grab? One letter had suggested using the Cimarron Plaza for storing food and supplies as opposed to buying Kicker. That would make sense. Especially now because the school board has zero chance of passing a bond issue to build an athletic village. The CP would also serve as a bus barn better than the Lincoln school as CP actually has an auto shop in it already. So, the school purchase properties that are paying taxes to the school board, a double hit to the old pocketbook. Nobody was going to buy Kicker out from under them in the next 5 years anyway.

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SPS and Superintendent Dr. Ann Caine plan to cut $1.8 million from the district’s budget


Click the link below to view the article and video from News9.

Response to SPS and Superintendent Dr. Ann Caine plan to cut $1.8 million from the district’s budget

Reveille says:
March 25, 2014 at 4:54 PM

Is it even legal for the school system to purchase Kicker without voting a bond issue by the people? How about it Mr District Attorney? A structured lease/purchase agreement incurs indebitness whether you want to admit it or not. They’ve borrowed $7 million without a vote of the people!!!! Someone needs to go to jail!

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Stillwater Public Schools have to cut $1.8 million – WHY?

Reveille Mar 12, 7:45 am
Stillwater Public Schools have to cut $1.8 million – WHY?

Dr. Anne Caine announced that SPS was going to have to cut $1.8 million this year, including teachers, block scheduling, etc.  Why?  I need a little help from the dawg pound here to get everything but I know that the school board has purchased land through owner financing and bank loans without going through the bond issue process.  I really don’t think this is legal, but I definitely know its unethical.  They purchased Cimarron Plaza using owner financing, $25000 per month, theres $300,000 that’s coming out of operating expenses instead of being paid for with a bond issue.  That was for $4.1 million I believe.  Then they recently purchased the old Kicker plant on north Perkins road for $2.4 million with it being “financed” through BankSNB.  If the terms are the same as Cimarron Plaza then your talking about another $175,000 per year.  Now on the surface the Cimarron deal may not be costing them 300k per year because they are getting lease payments, but they aren’t managing it, they’re paying a management company which means the management company is skimming probably at least 30 grand a year.  On the Kicker thing, it’s just a drain for them to spend money on.  It seems to me that they purchased something else using owner financing, but I can’t recall what that was.  Does anybody know what all they’ve bought without going to the voters?  How much they’re spending while the ship is sinking?

Couple that with a bunch of real estate that they are sitting on, the old Highland Park, the old Pleasant View? school on 32nd street, the Quanza Hut on 14th street.  What else have they got that’s sitting idle?   How about getting rid of LIncoln  alternative school, back in the day if someone didn’t want to go to school they paid the price.  Actions have consequences.  Why does the school system cater to the rule breakers?

Chime in folks!

Responses to Stillwater Public Schools have to cut $1.8 million – WHY?

Reveille says:
March 31, 2014 at 6:46 PM

Bank of America owns the land where the new Highland Park sits. Apparently another one of those lease/purchase deals that Stillwater School Board chose not to pay off with the bond money to build the school. BankSNB owns the Cimarron Plaza and the Kicker factory. It seems a shame that a local institution would sponsor such wreckless behavior when it comes to skirting the law for the local schools. It is possible that Bancfirst might be involved also as they are listed as the owner of a small parcel of the NW corner of the football parking lot. Now they have a vacant Highland Park school that was renovated a few years ago, 5 acres of buildings on 32nd street that were built in 1987 or newer. What elese does the school own and why do they need more????

Eastside Dog says:
April 1, 2014 at 8:29 PM

back to the first sentence—-they are cutting $1.8 mil. why? Isn’t state funding up? All the charts I see say that. Reveille, are you saying that the need for the budget cuts is caused by all the “land-dealing”?

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Pat Darlington and Miguel Najera win council seats

winner is


Seat 3

2034 votes cast. Pat Darlington 1713 (84.2%) – Jay Jibu Kuruvilla 321 (15.8%)

Seat 4

2008 votes cast. Miguel R. Najera 1172 (58.4%) – Cody Garry Scott 836 (41.6%)

There was 26 more votes cast for the Seat 3 race than there was for Seat 4. There was a larger turn out for the 2014 election when compared to the 2013 general election which had 1519 and 1521 votes cast. In 2013 Weaver won with 78.4% and Nobile won with 63.3%. In 2012 Bartley won with 81.6%. In 2011 Cody Scott won with 52.67% and Chuck Hopkins won with 61.55%.

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VOTE VOTE VOTE… Make your voice heard!!!


Don’t complain if you choose not to vote.

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